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Saifurs Spoken English: Earnest Reviews

Hey! Hello! How’s everything going today? I hope you’re doing well. Now, allow me to introduce myself: I’m Ferdous. Today, I’ll highlight Saifurs Spoken English course and books. Why, you might ask? Well, because I’ve spent an impressive fourteen years in this domain.

Firstly, it’s essential to note that S@ifur’s stands out as a renowned institution, especially when it comes to the courses and books. Owing to their reputation, they’ve managed to expand significantly, establishing numerous branches across Bangladesh.

Furthermore, within this institute, there’s something for everyone. To illustrate, they offer various courses, catering to all types of learners – from absolute beginners to advanced enthusiasts.

Lastly, what truly elevates their offerings is the team behind it all. The organization prides itself on having a fleet of experienced teachers. Their primary objective? To meticulously refine your fluency and ensure precision in your the language proficiency.

Saifurs English Spoken

Saifurs English Spoken: Benefit of the course and books

Joining S@ifur’s is a big deal. It’s a top school. Next, let’s talk about why their courses and books are good. Firstly, it can make you more confident. Then, you might get better job offers and earn more money. No matter where you work or study.

Also, meeting people from different places is fun. Plus, you’ll learn about other cultures. The course will teach you many English words and how to remember them. So, you’ll speak English well and say words right. People also respect you more.

Saifur Rahman Khan: Who is he?

One popular personality in Bangladesh’s English language teaching profession is Saifur Rahman Khan. He obtained his bachelor’s degree in Engineering from the reputed (BUET) Bangladesh University of Engineering and Technology. After that, he proceeded with his studies in Japan, where he obtained a prestigious scholarship to obtain an MBA.

He returned to Bangladesh and began teaching at Dhaka University’s (IBA) Institute of Business Administration. His commitment to quality and dedication were clear during his tenure. However, he had a major career change because of his enthusiasm for improving English language competence and encouraging educational advancement. He left the prestigious IBA Job and founded “Saifur’s Coaching Center,” an innovative project that has grown to be a mainstay for those wishing to become fluent in English.

Saifur Rahman Khan

Popular Saifurs Spoken English Language Teachers’: Lists

  • Anas sir – phone number- 01614432064/ 01678399840
  • Faruk sir –
  • Raju sir
  • Sharif sir
  • Saidur Liakat sir
  • Sabbir sir
  • Tafsir sir

Saifurs Spoken Class video

You can watch the video to know that how the class will be. it’s a real video class. I think you will enjoy the video. To watch the video click here.

First of all, students may anticipate a welcoming and pleasant classroom with air conditioning. Furthermore, the course program is designed with attendees’ comfort in mind, guaranteeing that the time is ideal.

In addition, they offer necessary course materials to facilitate study. Notably, the Coaching Center takes pleasure in employing instructors with both experience and expertise, ensuring that students receive the most education possible.

The chance for students to practice speaking the language in conversation outside of scheduled class times is an additional advantage that will enhance their exposure to the language in real-world situations. Last but not least, the program’s continued excellence and the rapid resolution of student complaints are guaranteed by the course manager’s careful oversight

Spoken English Course Curriculum:

  • Email Writing – Tips and Techniques.
  • Present Tense Mastery Using Stories.
  • Verbal Aptitude Preparation.
  • Growth Mindset in the language.
  • Grammar.
  • Build Confidence Over Live Meetings.
  • Parts of Speech.
  • Start speaking real, grammatically correct, fluently, effortlessly, and confidently today.
  • Make Conversation.
  • Improve your Listening skills – listen to a native speaker.
  • Grow your Language knowledge with hundreds of new words and phrases.
  • Body Language.
  • Build your Speaking skills – speak fluently, confidently and naturally on a wide range of everyday topics like a native.
  • Past and Future Tense Mastery Using Stories.
  • Understand Movies and Tv Shows.
  • Talk in Live and Meeting.
  • Listening, Speaking, Reading & Writing Activity.

Batches and class of the Course: Fee

  • Duration: 3 months
  • Course fee: BDT 6000/-
  • The course begins: Every month
  • Maximum admission per batch: 30 candidate

Secrets to get a Discounts on Saifurs’ Spoken English: Course and book

Saifurs, a reputable institution, offers a good platform for acquiring the language with its Spoken English Course and associated materials. Learning English is an invaluable skill that opens up many possibilities. Even while books and classes have become an investment in the future of your career, there are plenty of ways to find discounts that may reduce the expense of pursuing English proficiency.

Occasionally Available Offers:

This coaching center often demonstrates its admiration for the students it serves and frequently shows its kindness by offering occasional discounts and promotions. Be sure to keep a watch out for the coaching center special offers on course fees and books throughout holidays like New Year’s, Eid, Puja, Independent day and other celebrations. These offers may be an outstanding opportunity to sign up for the Spoken English Course or to get the necessary study materials at cheaper prices.

Branch-Specific Discounts: On Spoken English Course

The unrestricted ability of branch managers to offer discounts at their particular decision is one of the best-kept secrets. Branch managers have the authority to determine the requirements of the community they serve and offer customized solutions. Please contact your local S@ifurs branch manager if you are thinking about buying books or enrolling in the Spoken English Course. They could well have the adaptability to lower the cost of your language learning experience.

Refer-a-Friend Programs:

The authority of the coaching center realizes the value of word-of-mouth recommendations. See if there are any active refer-a-friend schemes which provide you and your friend with discounts on books or course fees. This not only makes the learning process more motivating, but it also reduces expenses and enhances the enjoyment of achieving English skills.

Branch List for the course and buy a book

  • Panthapath: not available
  • Farmgate:
  • Lalmatia:
  • Mirpur:
  • Jollarfar sylhet
  • Rajshahi
  • Chittagong
  • Jatrabari
  • Saver
  • Khulna
  • Mouchak, Siddesswari : not avaiable
  • Badda
  • Uttara
  • Gazipur
  • Banasree
  • Noakhali
  • Sirajgonj

Reason to choose S@ifur’s:

Saifur’s is known as a top in this field in Bangladesh. Wondering why it’s so loved? Let’s explore.

Firstly, they provide great study books filled with helpful words. So, students find it easier to learn. Additionally, they set class times that suit everyone.

Next, the school feels welcoming. Their lessons are easy to follow, showing they care about good teaching.

Also, the teachers at The coaching center know their stuff. Many students praise them. And, the school has lots of room for everyone to study comfortably.”

Offer: Spoken English Course for Corporate:

Saifur’s has a team for businesses. They give training to groups in companies all over Bangladesh. The trainer can teach at the company’s place. If you want this service, you can email them at [email protected].

Some Student feedback:

There are some people feedback about Saifur’s and service:

Student reviews about saifurs coaching
some student feedback
saifurs google reviews
Saifurs negetive feeback spoken

Spoken English Books (pdf) by Saifur Rahman Khan

Books are very important to learn spoken English. They publishes many books to learn the Language. Let’s have a look :

You can get all the Saifus books list by clicking here

Importunacy of Spoken English:

In today’s world, English is very important. Why? Because many people use it for work, business, or travel. Without it, it’s hard to communicate. So, if you want a good career, you must learn it. Thanks for reading! Goodbye!


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