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Saifurs IELTS | গোপন তথ্য যা ভর্তি হওয়ার আগে Must আপনার জানা উচিৎ

Once upon a time, Saifurs IELTS was a brand name. Why have they gone down? Do you know the case study? This is an earnest review of Saifur’s IELTS. Let’s take a look;

A Proven Track Record of Saifurs IELTS

First and foremost, the institute boasts a history of excellence. Countless testimonials and success stories underline its effectiveness. For those in the dark, They are a renowned educational institution, widely acknowledged for its exceptional training. Its reputation precedes it, but it’s the results that truly speak volumes.

Tailored for Success

Transitioning to the course structure, They adopts a student-centric approach. Instead of a one-size-fits-all methodology, they understand that every learner is unique. As a result, their test material caters to diverse learning styles and paces. Whether you’re a novice or merely polishing your skills, the institute has you covered.

Expert Instructors at Your Beck and Call

The heart of Saifurs IELTS is its team of dedicated educators. These aren’t just teachers; they’re aficionados, each equipped with the expertise to guide students through the intricacies of the test. Their hands-on approach ensures you’re never left with lingering doubts.

Affordable Excellence: Saifurs IELTS Course

Lastly, let’s talk about value. Quality often comes with a hefty price tag, but the institute begs to differ. They offer top-notch training without burning a hole in your pocket. It’s excellence that’s accessible to all.

গোপন তথ্য যা ভর্তি হওয়ার আগে Must আপনার জানা উচিৎ

এক সময়, Saifurs IELTS সেরা শিক্ষকদের সমাহারের জন্য পরিচিত ও Talk অফ the টাউন ছিল। এটি অনেক test প্রার্থীদের জন্য পছন্দের শীর্ষ তালিকায় ছিল। শিক্ষকদের দক্ষতার উপর আস্থা রেখে শিক্ষার্থীরা এখানে ভিড় করত। কিন্তু এখন হা হা কার অবস্থা যার মুল কারন হল অধিক commercial ও সেরা শিক্ষকদের সাথে মহিলা পরিচালকের মতের অমিল | প্রতিষ্ঠান আপনাকে পড়াবে না, পড়াবে শিক্ষক তাই প্রতিষ্ঠানকে প্রাধান্য না দিয়া শিক্ষককে প্রাধান্য দিয়ে একজন ভাল শিক্ষকের কাছে পড়া বুদ্ধিমানের কাজ |

Saifurs IELTS

S@ifur’s is the only one offering five different batches of IELTS. Whoever has the advantage, can choose such a batch. The batches are:

Regular Batches:

In this classes held on 3 days in a week – ‘Sat + Mon + Wed’ or ‘Sun + Tue + Thu’
Course duration – 4 months
Class time – 9.30 am, 11.30 am, 3.00 pm, 5.00 pm, 7.00 pm)

Crash batches: Saifurs mirpur

Crash batch held on 6 days in a week – Saturday to Thursday.
Duration of the course – 1 month
Class duration – 1 hour 30 minutes
Class time – 8am to 8.30am

Professional Batches: Saifurs lalmatia

2 days a week – Friday and Saturday
Course duration – 1 month, 15 days
Class duration – 3 hours
Class hours – Friday from 3.30 pm to 6.30 pm and Saturday afternoon from 5.30 pm to 6.30 pm

Friday Batches: Saifurs jatrabari

Class 1 day a week – Friday only
Course duration – 3 months
Class duration – 3 hours
Class time – 2 slots (9am and 3pm)

Special General Training Batches:

Class 1 day a week – Friday only
Course duration – 3 months
Class duration – 3 hours
Class time – 9.00 am to 12.00 noon

Saifurs IELTS course Fee

Course fee 2021: 11,000.00 Taka
Course Duration: 2.5 months
No. of classes: 28
Class Duration: 1.5 Hours

Click here for Details

Reviews: Students said about the course

Firstly we should talk about Saifurs. You may have heard about Saifurs before. But I think I need to say something about Saifurs, hope you don’t mind. It won’t waste too much time.

S@ifurs has a long history of conducting teaching activities to prepare candidates. Almost all the students chose S@ifur’s to take the course. That’s why everyone says Saifurs IELTS course is very good.

Secondly, talk about the course, International English Language Testing System is an English language proficiency test. Score is required in many cases including employment, study abroad.

If you want good results on the test, you must seek the help of a good organization and a good teacher. Since you do not have much time on hand, you should be admitted to any institution after getting selected. Because it will lose your time and money.

At one time Saifurs had a reputation for the course, but they have failed to maintain their reputation. Because of the management of the institution, skilled and senior teachers leave the institution.

They do not have that reputation today due to many reasons including excessive business mentality. And Now there are many better institutes in the market than Saifur’s for conducting the courses. I will speak out about others institutes in a different post. I think you will read that post.

success review

google reviews

Course offer by Saifurs

Academic and General Training both modules are available in the course. You already know about the curriculum and batches of the course. So I did not repeat here and Let’s go for more about the course:

Course Details: Saifurs IELTS point of view of tutor for ielts

Basic Reading Module:

7 classes (Elaborate discussion on each question type with examples)

Writing Module:

8 classes (Task-1 and Task-2 Writing strategies and good writing build-up techniques)

Reading-Writing Module:

4 classes Overall review and extensive practice sessions

Listening Module:

6 classes (Question types, analysis, and practice sessions)

Speaking Module:

3 review classes and unlimited interviews at the Support Centre.

Extra Facility in course: Saifurs IELTS

25 free mock test facilities under the supervision of a skilled observer in a beautiful, pleasant environment and air-conditioned room.

Help Center will be open 7 days a week from 10 am to 9 pm

In the support center, you can practice speaking with full-time tutors and classmates.

You can practice listening and writing scripts in the audio lab and get evaluations from tutors.

You can repeat the course without any fee until you get the desired score.

Characteristic of Saifurs IELTS

> Study room with all resources
> Unique course materials
> Rich library facility with necessary practice note> Expert and experienced teachers

All are available for admited student

Preparation guide by Saifur sir

Saifurs has several note on test preparation. It can be ordered online or purchased directly from any branch of Saifurs. Other than that will be available only if admitted, So you should get admit andf collect the note.

They published under the supervision of Saifur Rahman Khan Sir. S@ifur’s has some exceptional differences from other বই on the market.

ielts books

Cambridge 12 Academic Reading বই with Bangla translation and long description.

saifurs ielts

Satisfied with the Bengali meaning of the big unseen passage Reading Skills to learn to solve

3 বই for Academic reading passage solves with Bangla explanation.

Branch address of Saifurs for IELTS Course

Please Call on the phone number before you to visit to get proper direction of the location. Thanks

1.Lalmatia Branch:
Sunrise Plaza (5th Floor, Lift-5), 3/1 Block-A, Mirpur Road, Lalmatia, Dhaka-1207.
01613 43 20 21
[email protected]

2.Panthapath Branch:
RH Home Center, Holding No. G-25, Ground Floor, Green Road, Farmgate, Dhaka.
01613 43 20 06
[email protected]

3.Farmgate Branch:
Capital Market, (3rd Floor) Borobazar, Farmgate, Dhaka – 1205
01613 43 20 07
[email protected]

4.Mouchak Branch:
Ayesha Shopping Complex, 85 New Circular Road, 3rd Floor, Malibagh, Dhaka-1217.
01613 43 20 36
[email protected]

5.Mirpur-10 Branch: Best for for IELTS
Samad Mansion (4th Floor, Lift-4), Falpatti, Mirpur-10 Golchuttur, Dhaka – 1216.
01613 43 20 43
[email protected]

6.Uttara Branch:
Road-1/B, House-02, (Opposite to Mascot Plaza) Sector-09, Uttara, Dhaka.
01613 43 20 37
[email protected]

7.Old Dhaka Branch:
Ray Saheb Bazar, (3rd Floor, Upper Floor of Medinova Hospital), Old Dhaka, Dhaka.
01613 43 20 40
[email protected]

Outside of Dhaka city: Saifurs IELTS

8.Narayanganj Branch:
79, BB Road, Midtown Complex, (4th Floor, Upper Floor of Islami Bank), Narayanganj.
01613 43 20 92
[email protected]

9.Sylhet Amberkhana:
Moeen Complex (2nd Floor), Amberkhana, Sunamganj Road, Sylhet.
01613 43 20 08
[email protected]

10.Rangpur Branch:
M H Bussiness Center (1st Floor), Dhaka Hotel Goli, Jahaj Company More, Rangpur.
01613 43 20 23
[email protected]

11.Bogura Branch:
Robi Customer Care Building (5th Floor), Kalibari More, Jalesharitola, Bogura.
01613 43 20 38
[email protected]

12.Chittagong Chawkbazar Branch:
Laboratory College Building (3rd Floor), Chatteshwari Road, Chawkbazar, Chittagong.
01613 43 20 44
[email protected]

13.Khulna Daulatpur Branch:
Hazi Sariatullah Market (2nd Floor), Khan A Sabur Road, Daulatpur, Khulna.
01613 43 20 71
[email protected]

14.Mymensingh Branch:
82/A, CK Ghosh Road, 3rd Floor, Moli Tower (Opposite to Sarinda Restaurant), Mymensingh.
01613 43 20 28
[email protected]

Get a Discount on the Saifurs IELTS Course

Admission fees and বইতে discounts for IELTS courses at Saifur’s Coaching Center are not an issue. There is always a discount, and if you bargain, you can reduce the admission fee.

A part of student IELTS Test Results

Below is information on some of the students who did well in the test course from Saifur’s.

Saifurs ielts results 7.5

Take free IELTS class

Classes that have the opportunity to take classes without being admitted to Saifur’s are called free classes. If you feel like doing free classes, you can get admitted and do the whole course.

If you want to do free classes, you have to register first. Contact with the number or email address: 01713432023


Who is the best teacher in this course?

Ans: Rimon moral is the best teacher in the course

Which branch is best for IELTS in Saifurs?

Ans: Saifurs Lalmatia is best for IELTS.

Is there any practice room for students?

Yes, there is a practice room for students.

How can I get a big discount for Saifurs IELTS course?

Talk with a branch manager for a big discount.

How long does it take to complete an academic or general training course?

Total in 3 months, 3 Days in a week

How many months should be studying for the test preparation in Saifurs?

4 months is regular, you can get more time if you need.



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