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Hey! Welcome to my trending blog on IELTS rubric speaking. In IELTS Speaking test assess your ability to speak in English. The IELTS speaking is assessed on your performance supported 4 criteria like 1. Fluency and coherence, 2. Lexical resource, 3. Grammatical range and accuracy, and 4. Pronunciation. The score range is 0 to 9. The test is divided into 3 parts with a total duration of 11 to 14 minutes.

IELTS Speaking rubric means:

A speaking rubric means a set of instructions or rules for the IELTS speaking test. An Experience examiner assessing your speaking performance with a clearly defined rubric to assess your Speaking test.

The examiner has a table of rubrics. These rubrics indicate candidate performance at different band scores.
The table areas flow:

ielts rubric speaking
IELTS rubric speaking

Speaking test rubric for mark distribution:

Speaking marks basis on 4 standards and the score calculation is the arithmetic of all 4 standards. If I show it with a formula as like that 5+7+6+8=26/4=6.5, for example, if your score is:

  • Fluency and Cohesion=5
  • Lexical Resource=7
  • Grammatical range and accuracy=6
  • Pronunciation=8
    Your speaking score will be 6.5.

Step by step guideline for ielts speaking test:

  • The speaking test is direct discussion with an examiner in a exam room.
  • The candidates enjoy the speaking test once only . There is no difference between Academic and General Training candidates in the speaking test format.
  • The test is recorded in a digital recorder, If you wish you take a review.
  • It is an informal discussion. so answer the question easyly.
  • The examiner has full control on the time and length of your conversation.
Speaking test formation:
  • Face the reception desk to veryfiy yourself and documents.
  • Go to examiner room greeting and your identity check.
  • Start your test with the examiner questions and answer in part 1
  • You have to talk 1 to 2 minute about a isolated topic in part 2. After your speak out examiner will ask 1 or 2 question on the same topic.
  • The examiner will ask more questions on the cue card that you get in part 2. You will get the chance to discuss all about the topic. This is the part 3 and last one of the test.
  • This test take time 11 to 14 munite in total.


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