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IELTS speaking questions part 3

IELTS Speaking Part 3 is the concluding section of the speaking test and focuses on more complex, discussion-type questions. The topics are generally linked to the topic discussed in Part 2, but they delve into more abstract areas and themes. The examiner will ask for your opinions, provide reasons, and discuss related issues.

Here are some sample questions for IELTS Speaking Part 3, based on a variety of possible topics:

The IELTS Speaking test is divided into three parts, in this article you will get some sample questions for part 3 that is related to IELTS Speaking Part 2.

1. Education and Learning:

  • How has the approach to education changed in your country over recent years?
  • Do you think technology in the classroom is more of an advantage or disadvantage?
  • Why do some people consider lifelong learning essential?

2. Work and Careers:

  • How have employment patterns changed in recent decades?
  • Do you think job satisfaction is more important than salary when choosing a job?
  • How do you see the future of remote work and its impact on businesses?

3. Society and Culture:

  • How do international travel and tourism affect cultural understanding?
  • Do you think the world is becoming more homogenized in terms of culture?
  • How important is it to preserve local traditions and customs?

4. Technology and Change:

  • How have technological advancements impacted our daily lives?
  • Do you think we are too dependent on technology?
  • How might artificial intelligence impact the job market in the future?

5. Health and Lifestyle:

  • How do modern lifestyles impact health?
  • What role does the government play in ensuring public health?
  • Why is there an increasing interest in alternative medicine and holistic health?

6. Environment and Nature:

  • What are the primary causes of environmental pollution in today’s world?
  • How can individuals contribute to a more sustainable future?
  • Do you believe that global cooperation is essential to address climate change?

Tips for IELTS Speaking Part 3:

  • Support Your Answers: Provide reasons or examples to explain your opinions.
  • Stay Calm: If you don’t have an immediate answer, take a moment to gather your thoughts.
  • Speak Clearly: Focus on clarity rather than speed.
  • Be Open: If you don’t have much knowledge about a particular topic, be honest about it, and try to relate it to something you know.
  • Expand Your Answers: Don’t give just one-word or short answers. Engage in the discussion.

Remember, in Part 3, it’s not about whether your opinion is right or wrong. It’s more about your ability to communicate your thoughts and ideas in English.

You can learn more about IELTS Speaking part 2


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