Muhammad Fahd. Hello guys, I am looking for Speaking partner. Skype Name: m.fahad3378

Hi there guys,
I hope you’re having a great day/night. I’m studying English in order to get prepared for the IELTS exam and I need to speak with native/ half-native or and upper-intermediate English speaker.
So, if you have a group for speaking, please add me too.
my Skype ID: josephmehdian

Phan Thanh Nho
Im Nho from Vietnam Can call me David, I would like to practise English with everyone. My Skype ID: nhophan178

Nazmul Kabir Ovi
my skype name: Ovi0177

Alterum Non Laedere

Muri Hasanovv
Add me: murihasanovv (skype)

Jobaer Khan
Hello guys I need a partner Id : khanjobaer111

Truong Phan
Hello everyone, My Name is Truong Phan, I am from Vietnam and want to improve my English Speaking. Please add my Skype name live:truongvhphan_

Hamid Dastgheib
I want a English speaker partner so please call me on Skype on +9809378391040

Erna Vmt
Hello friend I want to speaking English very much please help me..but I dont have Skype…I have WA number 78690593

Mohamed Magdi
it is my honor to be your partner in practise english , this my skype num : mohamed1993magdi

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