Recent IELTS speaking topics: 2021

Hey! here I am to speak out some important information that will help you. If I don’t mistake you are going to take the IELTS test. For your best preparation, you are searching Recent IELTS speaking topics question and answer. In 2021 it is not the right decision to memorize this. You can practice with these topics, but don’t memorize the answer and do not copy in real tests.

IELTS speaking topics are divided into 3 parts, 1.Part one, 2. Part two, 3. Part three.

Recent IELTS speaking topics 2021

In this section you will get Recent IELTS speaking topics 2021: Part 1

In part one, the examiner will ask 3-5 general questions in IELTS speaking test on familiar topics like about you, your hobbies, Study, Home, Work, etc. You can get a list of topics and questions that are very recent. In the section, I will disclose some recent part one topis that are asked by the examiner. The part 1 topics list is as flow:

Firstly I will mention 6 very common topics in IELTS speaking part 1, Secondly, you can see the most common questions and the common topics that are very recent.

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Now you can get ready with these general topics and apply your innovative ideas and practice with question and answer.

Most common Question and topics in Part 1

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