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Mentors IELTS course fee : Get big Discounts!!

IELTS preparation can often feel like an uphill battle, but with the right institution by your side, it becomes a smooth journey. Mentors, a reputable name in Bangladesh, is now offering not only quality instruction but also tempting discounts to lighten the load on your wallet. Here’s a detailed breakdown of Mentors IELTS course fee

  1. IELTS Regular & Executive/Weekend: Whether you’re choosing the regular path or the executive/weekend batch, both courses are priced at Tk 12,650 for on-campus sessions. However, if you’re keen on online learning, you can grab the same course for just Tk. 8400.
  2. IELTS Crash: Need a quick refresher or short-term preparation? The IELTS Crash course is available for Tk 8,625 on-campus. Choose online, and you pay only Tk 6,000.
  3. IELTS for Immigration: Specifically designed for those eyeing global migration, this course is offered at Tk 12,650 on-campus.
  4. IELTS Basic Package: Here’s where it gets interesting. This comprehensive package is a bundle of three courses: Grammar & Writing, Spoken English, and IELTS Regular. On-campus learners pay Tk. 17,500 while online enthusiasts can enroll for Tk. 12,000.
  5. IELTS Mock Tests: If practice is what you’re after, Mentors have got you covered. Ranging from Tk 2,100 for 3 tests to Tk 5,500 for 20 tests, these mock sessions are only available on-campus.
  6. PTE: For those leaning towards the Pearson Test of English, it’s priced at Tk 12,650 for on-campus learning. The online route? Only Tk 10,000!

Mentors IELTS course fee: Clue to get

Mentors, an illustrious name in IELTS preparation, steps in with a pocket-friendly proposition without skimping on quality. Let’s delve into the lucrative discount offers that await you at Mentors.

Here’s the cherry on top: avail a 25% discount for online courses up until the offer been closed. Prefer an on-campus experience? Get a 15% discount, until the offer been closed.

Mentors IELTS course fee

Broker Discounts:

Your affiliation with a broker can land you an attractive discount on the IELTS course fees at Mentors. This provision unveils a chance to economize your IELTS preparation. You simply need to provide the reference from a recognized broker to avail this offer. It’s a simple, straightforward way to lessen the financial burden on your IELTS journey.

F&F (Friends and Family) Discounts:

The essence of community thrives at Mentors. Bring along your friends or family members to join the IELTS preparation courses, and behold the beauty of slashed prices. The F&F discount is a testament to the communal spirit at Mentors, making education accessible and affordable.

Political Leader Discount:

If you’re recommended by a political leader, a door of discounts swings open for you at Mentors. A verifiable reference from a political dignitary can significantly trim down your IELTS course fees. It’s a unique initiative by Mentors to acknowledge and reward the diverse pathways through which students embark on their IELTS quest.

VIP Reference Discount:

A VIP reference is another golden ticket to enjoy reduced fees at Mentors. With a legitimate VIP reference, you can enroll in your desired IELTS course at a price that won’t exhaust your savings. This discount aims to alleviate financial constraints, ensuring your IELTS preparation remains uninterrupted and within reach.

Discount offers :

Mentors are a beacon of hope for IELTS aspirants. They not only mitigate the financial load but also foster an environment of inclusivity and recognition. So, don’t let budgetary constraints deter you. Swing by Mentors, pick the discount that suits you, and step confidently onto the platform of unparalleled IELTS preparation. Your journey towards conquering IELTS just became a lot more economical and exciting!

Here is a discount card, you can download and show it to them and grab the discount !!

In conclusion, if IELTS or PTE is on your horizon, Mentors present a golden opportunity to get premium training without breaking the bank. Dive in, enjoy the savings, and embark on a journey towards your desired band score or language proficiency!


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