Saifurs IELTS course fee 2021: Reviews

Hey! hello! how are you today? in this post, you will get Saifurs IELTS course fee 2021. If you are really interested in the topic, please read the topic first to last the post. You will get very helpful ideas about it. let’s have a read!!

Once upon a time, Saifurs coaching was best for IELTS test preparation. At present they lost their reputation. Students are still admitted for their former reputation.

Saifurs IELTS course fee 2021: With offer !!

You will get an offer every time from Saifurs. They will give you a discount on the IELTS course fee 2021. It is just a trick to get students admitted by deception. Better a poor horse than no horse at all. It is much better to read to a good teacher. Because the institution does not teach, the teacher teaches. So make a thoughtful decision.

Saifurs IELTS course fee 2021

IELTS Course fee 2021 of Saifurs

Saifurs IELTS course fee 2021: 10500 TK

About IELTS Teacher of Saifurs

All the good teachers who used to take classes in Saifur IELTS course no longer take classes in Saifurs. They are taking classes at another institution. If you don’t believe it, look for it from the list of former teachers below. You can find out about all the teachers who are currently taking classes. Many of the new teachers have never taken the IELTS test themselves. Anyone who has not taken the IELTS test will teach you IELTS. Think about it.
Please prioritize reality over emotion.
It feels unpleasant to talk negatively about this reputable organization. I am saying it because I don’t want any students to lose their time and money. The company is in a bad situation today due to a quarrel with the management team.
Here are some news items that you should read. Please read it here.

The former IELTS Teacher list of Saifurs

NameMobile noEmail
01. Abdul Kabir,01715078819
02. Md.AI lmran ,
03. Shekh Frabi Mannan Ananta,01923499429faraby.
04. Anzam Ansar Bazu,
05. Chisty Toukir Hasan,
NameMobile noIELTS
06. Chowdhury Sadeque Mujib,0189249248
07. Kazi Mosharraf Hossain boby,
07. Md. Khurshid Alam,01711375462
08. Mahfuzul Haq,
09. Mehamudul Hasan,01912544194/
10. A F M Mahmudunnabi Khan,0155346096, 01913937577
NamePhone noEmail
11. Md. Manzur Hasan,
12. Nasif Ahmed,
13. Md. Nazmul Hasan,
14. Md. Raihan Rahman,
15. Md. Rezaul Hoque,01935486332
16. Md. Riyad Mahmud ,
17. Md. Rokanuzzaman,
18. Roselyn Zaman,01912475544,
19. Siddiqui Azizul Hakim Galib,
20. SM Nirjhar,019125663218, 01917140480
21. Tashfeen Ghazi, 01524604664
22. Tarafder Mahmud Hossain,
23. Md. Ahsan uddin harun,
24. Md. Ariful
25. Ariful Hoque shoeb,01717784249arit_l393
26. A.T.M.NOOMAN,01716443205

Tips for get Discount:

General discounts are always available. If you want to get a special discount, you will be admitted together with a few friends. Bargaining at the time of admission.
Take free classes before admission and discuss discounts with the teacher.

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